Tire Rotation


tire rotation service boise idaho
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Rotating your tires, and checking for proper air pressure, can significantly extend the life of your tires (not to mention improve your gas mileage). We always include a free brake check when rotating your tires.

Tire Rotation Boise Idaho. Your vehicle’s tires can cost a lot of money to replace, and rotating them can save you money. We recommend rotating your tires every 6000 miles, or every other oil change.

Peace of mind The service you receive while at The Lube Center is top notch. Trust and integrity are the heart of our core values. We visually inspect your tires, properly inflate them, and torque the lug nuts according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. This improves not only the life of the tire, but also your fuel mileage.

Free Brake Check. When it comes to maintaining your vehicle, it sometimes can be a little too easy to let things slide. However, one item you never want to neglect is your brake system. The length of time it takes brake pads to go bad depends on a variety of factors, mostly your own driving habits. We include a brake check for free when rotating your tires.