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The Cooling System in your vehicle is an extremely important system that requires maintenance to keep it in good condition. The cooling system consists of the following items:

Antifreeze: A solution formulated to prevent boiling, freezing, and corrosion.

Radiator: Used to cool the Antifreeze before it enters the engine block.

Water Pump: Used to circulate Antifreeze throughout the cooling system.

Thermostat: Used to regulate Antifreeze temperature in the engine block.

Heater Core: A “mini” radiator used to supply heat inside the vehicle.

Service intervals for changing the Antifreeze in your vehicle is 30,000 miles or two years for virtually every automobile manufacturer. Some late model cars have introduced a new coolant that does not require changing until 100,000 to 150,000 miles or five years.

What will happen if I do not change the Antifreeze regularly? Antifreeze (when initially formulated) has a PH level of about nine, with seven being neutral. After time this PH level will drop below neutral ( seven on the PH scale) and become acidic. The acidity will then start to corrode the cooling system, and its components, without any visible signs until the system fails itself. If the Antifreeze in your car is not mixed properly this can also cause issues such as overheating in the summer, and freezing in the winter.

How is the cooling system serviced? We at The Lube Center have equipment that is specially designed for this type of service. Our equipment will allow the entire engine block, heater core, and radiator to be serviced with new fluid. We ensure that all old antifreeze is removed from the entire cooling system, and replaced with new coolant/antifreeze.

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