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Air conditioning works by cooling, and removing, humidity from the air. While there are many working parts to an air conditioning system the compressor, condenser, and evaporator are the main components. Your A/C is built as a closed loop (sealed) system, however all systems eventually will leak and allow freon to escape. Some leaks are small, some large. You can recharge an air conditioning system, topping off or recovering and replacing the old freon, but the most efficient way to service your A/C is to find and fix the leak. Fixing the source of your freon leak will allow your system to stay sealed and working well for years to come. Remember to run your air conditioning periodically (even in the winter) to help the system stay healthy and lubricated.

Air conditioning Boise experts. We here at The Lube Center are experts in air conditioning. We can diagnose and fix your leaking a/c system, or if you just want a recharge we can do that too.

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